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The world of computer forensics, computers, and electronics is constantly evolving.  While there are many solutions on the market which cater to the masses, there seems to always be the need for new devices, cases, or enclosures to make our lives easier.  We pride ourselves on the capability to engineer and research newly introduced concepts into the marketplace.  Further, with the collective intelligence of the forensic community, there is no limit to new ideas which make our practice more efficient.  Sometimes this includes custom hardware.  We have a team of engineers on hand to take an idea, create a 3D printed prototype, and put that into mass production.  We work closely with a well-known manufacturer who has created numerous custom metal chassis and parts for just this purpose. 

Since 2016 our engineers began working with 3D printers to customize components and parts.  By 2018 we refined the 3D printing process whereby we were able to start creating custom components.  We were then able to introduce new methodologies and ways of making our processing engines and workstations significantly more functional.  This also gives us the capability of implementing on-the-fly solutions for computer parts or solutions. Between our consumer and industrial-grade 3D printers we are able to create custom parts for all of your needs.



The ability to custom design custom components, cases, enclosures, and other parts for our computer chassis and projects is what has positioned BitMindz as the lead manufacturer of processing engines and workstations in the forensics industry.

With these solutions, we cater to the forensic community and anyone who has an idea or design to translate into a production unit.  This includes projects and product development for major organizations and even the single user who’s always had an idea they wanted to manufacture.

Our collective group of engineers has the knowledge, training, and experience to materialize and fabricate designs.  With the ability to go from an idea to a 3D printed concept, to a full metal enclosure or design, there’s nothing we can’t handle through our enterprise-grade manufacturing facility.

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