Turing XsLi – Decryption Engine


Because the Turing XsLi Decryption Engine is one of the smallest premier systems on the market to conduct forensic computer investigations, it gives the end-user the combined capability of the unstoppable Intel Core i9-10900K Desktop Processor with various lightning fast M.2 and 2.5″ form factor SSDs, as well as, 32GB DDR4 2666 MHz Desktop RAM.   It packs a serious punch for such a small form factor and fits in almost any space available regardless of your current working conditions.   In fact, it’s so slim and small that it fits in a variety of pelican (brand) cases for easy transport should you need to set up a remote triage or collection location.  Conversely, the XsLi will feature the RTX3070 GPU (pending release) for cracking passwords with an astounding 5,888 CUDA Cores.

Additionally, the system has a carrying handle for you to move the system around efficiently and securely from workstation to workstation whether in your lab or out in the field.  This system was designed to offer you the highest possible decryption speeds, in a compact format, with a price that cannot be matched by any other manufacturer.

Should you need customizations to this workstation please reach out to our sales team and we can customize the system to meet and exceed your needs.



Our Turing XsLi Decryption Engine is one of the thinnest decryption systems on the market and it affords examiners the full power of an RTX3070 GPU (pending release) for accelerated decryption; hence, it gives the end-user the combined capability of the unstoppable Intel Core i9-10900K Desktop Processor with various lightning fast M.2 SSDs and 32GB DDR4 2666 MHz Desktop RAM.   Further, it comes loaded with a 512GB SSD set in Rapid Mode for the operating system, a 1TB SSD for files, folders, image(s), drive(s), etc., and an additional 2TB HDD to store dictionaries and other work.  In fact, you simply cannot find a better, more fully functional system on the market in such a small footprint to break passwords.  Additionally, it comes outfitted with the following hardware configuration:


- One (1) Intel Core i9-10900K 10-Core, 20-Thread, 3.7 GHz (5.3 GHz Turbo)
- 32GB DDR4 RAM 2666 MHz (1 x 32GB)
- One (1) 512GB SSD in Rapid Mode for the Operating System
- One (1) 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD for Case Management/Temp/Cache
- One (1) 2TB HDD for Images and Storage
- One (1) RTX 3070 GPU 8GB GDDR6 with 5,888 CUDA Cores
- Two (2) USB 3.0 Ports in Front Panel
- One (1) Slim BluRay Burner in Front Bay
- Advanced Cooling for the CPU
- 750W Power Supply Unit - Gold Rated
- Three Year Warranty on Entire System

The Turing Decryption Engine can be paired with other Kronos solutions to bolster the full capability of software like Passware whereby network connected systems can be configured to act as a client through the self-contained Passware network.  As a matter of fact, this allows you to connect multiple Turing XsLi systems to leverage the full power of password cracking.  Implementing multiple XsLi systems give examiners the capability of using some of the systems for forensic examinations (mobile phones/internet history), while others can be configured within the closed forensic network for password cracking.

Please contact us today to discuss your forensic needs and/or if you have specific requirements regarding your systems.  We can custom design a system that will exceed your expectations.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 3.5 × 15 in