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About BitMindz

BitMindz was founded in 2018 in an effort to provide government entities and corporate clients with high-quality forensic computers and hardware. Our products are created with cutting edge technology delivering the fastest, most reliable systems in the marketplace. We pride ourselves in offering standard and customized systems at affordable prices to better serve our heroes of the law enforcement community, as well as private entities. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Today’s Forensic Computer Community, Law Enforcement, Government, and the Corporate Sector are facing numerous challenges with so many advances in Technology. The Speed and Efficiency at which examiners can handle large data sets and volumes directly translate into the power of their Forensic Workstation or as we call it, a Processing Engine.

Processing Engines

Processing Engines are the Most Efficient method of handling large Terabyte and Petabyte Data Sets. The amount of data processed in today’s modern forensics requires more processing power and disk I/O over previous conventional systems.  From AMD to Intel, you simply will NOT find a better system for the price.


We work directly with Nuix and their top tier technicians to engineer and test new hardware and technology to utilize the Full Power of the Nuix Engine.  Our systems are specifically designed with the most discreet hardware offering you the highest quality componentry in each Nuix Processing Engine.

Decryption Engines

Encryption is now becoming the norm or a standardization in today’s digital era. Our Decryption Engines offer Quality, Performance, and Pricing that rivals the competition and helps you break passwords faster.  Our GPU Servers offer you more power than any other system on the market as we install the latest in Processing and GPU Technology.

Server Solutions

Today’s Digital Forensics require a lot of Storage and Data Retention. We offer not only Quality and Reliability, but speeds necessary should you need to use your server as a Processing Volume.  Further, our storage arrays are designed on a robust backplane that allows our system to handle Petabytes of data with ease.

expertly Design

Custom Designed Processing Engines

We Proudly Feature the Industry’s Only Custom Data Processing Engines Designed by the Industry’s Leading Designer. Each Processing Engine is designed to meet the needs of the examiner to ensure reliability and quick results. These systems, by design, are geared to run with maximum efficiency and blistering fast speeds to parse through terabytes and petabytes of data in the fraction of the time other systems take for the same data sets.  Nothing compares to the speed of a well-tuned Data Processing Engine.

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Please take a moment to review our systems and their configurations.  If you should need to customize any of the systems, then please reach out to us.

Speed and performance

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Some examiners need volume and storage along with speed, while others are looking specifically for lightning fast speeds with their system.  Each Data Processing Engine is designed to meet the needs of the examiner’s agency or corporation.


All of our systems are built upon a strick guideline with un-compromised quality.  We only use the best components in our systems like Samsung, AMD, Intel, Gigabyte, ASUS, EVGA, Corsair, Western Digital, HGST, Seagate, IcyDock, and iStarUSA.  This quality also translates down the cables and wiring used in every system.


We strive to make the best possible systems on the market place.  We test our systems for a minimum of 72 hours before we ship our systems.  We establish a benchmark number which directly correlates to the quality and reliability of the system.  We care about the Perfection of the System.

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