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Today’s ever expanding advances in technology brings many challenges to the table with the forensics and eDiscovery community. We offer practical solutions specifically designed for data storage and processing, as well as a combination of both storage and processing.

The best approach is to offer a “mix-and-match” solution whereby practitioners can pick and choose the components built into a combined system. Some examiners need partial storage with another module for data processing and a single or dual 4U chassis for decryption, while others simply need storage. Offering the capability to implement different solutions affords the end-user a customized system to meet their individual or agency needs.

We have the knowledge in the the design team in place to give you a comprehensive pragmatic approach . Feel free to email or call us to discuss options or requests. 

With today’s overabundance of digital evidence and storage, forensic examiners are oftentimes forced to solve the data storage issue for all of the data collected during digital investigations. Frequently labs are running off of maximum capacity or crippled storage solutions that do not offer a centralized repository for data. Conversely, companies charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for server and/or storage solutions. Law Enforcement and Corporate Agencies are forced to pay for expensive and sometimes unrealistic storage solutions which do not comply with their protocols. We offer simple, easy-to-maintain storage solutions, that allow organizations to make conscientious choices about how they store their data.

We offer systems from fully customized rack solutions with universal power supplies, KVM switches, Gigabit, 10, 25, 40, 100GbE bandwidth speeds, Fibre Channel Switches, rack-mounted processing engines, storage arrays, and a variety of other solutions. These systems are custom designed from a keep it simple standpoint whereby even smaller agencies can afford to install solutions into a reasonably sized chassis that gives them the backup and protection they need for their digital evidence.

If you have a custom configuration or have a specific need for your organization, please reach out to us and we will work on a solution that is not only cost-effective, but fast, and meets your exact requirements. 

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