Expertly Designed Decryption Engines to Provide you with the Maximum Number of Calculations while utilizing your Password Cracking Software



Encryption is a multipart process, which uses an algorithm and sometimes multiple algorithms in order to secure the data.  There are various encryption algorithms employed in today’s encrypted files, folders, drives, etc.  Most of the current algorithms are extremely robust and take a lot of power to brute force through the passwords.

Our Decryption Engines are specifically designed to attack those algorithms with maximum efficiency leveraging the best possible hardware available.  Partnering our Decryption Engines with the industry leading decryption software like Passware, Elcomsoft, and Hashcat provides the user with the best possible results in fractions of the time it would take a standard system to decrypt files, folders, and drives.  Best of all, we are now offering the Rainbow Tables with the purchase of some of our password Decryption Engines!

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