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Computer Forensics is a Science.  Why should your Forensic Workstation or Processing Engine be any different?  Our systems are designed, tested, and implemented using the latest in technology.  We use electronic equipment to test heat sources, fan speeds, system voltages, USB ports, power supply voltages, and other critical components during the build phase.   This means we know your motherboard is not only getting the correct voltages, but also supplying those voltages to your components. 

Processing Engines are different from Computer Forensic Workstations in the fact that they are geared towards maximum processing with an emphasis on extremely fast and robust volumes to process data much more efficiently than the standard forensic workstation. While we feature write blockers in our systems, the main focal point is pure data processing at speeds unrivaled by any other Manufacturer.  Hence, the reason we have named our systems RCKTBX for Rocket Box.   Most of our systems are customized systems for each examiner with a proven track record of performance and reliability.  Our Forensic Workstations and Processing Engines are “Crafted” and not “Manufactured”.  The RCKTBX systems benchmark faster than other systems on the market.  We have the benchmark scores to prove it.


Each Forensic Workstation & Data Processing Engine is designed with the end-user in mind and meticulously tested with varying hardware and software to come up with the fastest and most efficient combination. This gives the end-user a customized system to meet their individual needs. Each component from the processor, to the RAM, the graphics card, and even the quality of the cabling used is thought out and tested before it is allowed in our systems. Our machines are “Crafted” and not “Manufactured”.

Our systems contain SUPERIOR components and we make sure that each system is personally inspected before leaving our laboratory. We benchmark the systems before shipping and stand behind these systems with an iron-clad three-year warranty that comes with support from the leading design team in the forensic community as we pull from our years of system builds and extensive EXPERIENCE in the forensic community.

Every Forensic Workstation or Data Processing Engine or comes with independent volumes. Gone are the days where just one or two volumes is necessary to process a case. Often the software will present you with the capability to use the operating system drive to run the software, a temporary drive for cache files, a database location for your cases, a lightning-fast processing volume, and then a separate storage volume for your cases or as a staging area for moving files across a network or drives. It only makes sense to incorporate that mindset as a workflow process as it drastically increases your productivity.

Please contact us today to discuss your processing needs with our engineering team who will customize a Forensic Workstation or Processing Engine to suit your individual or agency needs. If you have a special solution or consideration, we can accommodate those requests as well. 

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