Custom Hardware for Maximum Performance

Custom Hardware for Maximum Performance

One of the challenges facing the Law Enforcement Community and the Corporate Sector with modern-day forensics is the volume of data associated with individual or compound cases. Triaging through the data and culling it down for intelligent processing is certainly a method for producing quicker results.

However, some cases require examiners to process digital evidence from multiple users with perhaps numerous devices for each user or custodian.  Processing through this data requires sheer power and the infrastructure supported by tools like Nuix Workstation.  Combining fast hardware and software to maintain an efficient workflow is critical for handling large datasets. It’s all about processing ones and zeros as fast as possible.

By constantly introducing and testing the latest hardware, we are able to hone in on specifications for a system truly worthy of harnessing the power of Nuix Workstation and its other varying products.  Our innovative strategies enable us to provide real-world results.  Then, by integrating enterprise-class hardware and using a logistical approach to the overall design of the system, we are able to craft the most robust system on the market to compliment the Nuix Engine.  We refer to these systems as Processing Engines.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the team at Nuix to discuss our design approach and how we complement their software.

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