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Data from Forensic Images (Windows, Linux, macOS, Servers, and USB device images) is analysed by NBF. Data from cloud backups, Android backups, and iOS backups may all be analysed using NBF. Its clever features and core engine enable users to achieve the best results quickly and with a little amount of hardware. Any Intel or AMD-based computer with a minimum of 16GB of RAM and 6 physical cores can use NFB. NBF is a wonderful option if you need a processing solution for digital forensic investigation because it offers automated processing, manual processing, and semi-automated processing. Advanced features including face, skin, gun, and firearm detection, smart timelines, detailed reports, custom report writing, various keyword searches, data carving, and data integration into a single display make it easier to solve cases.

Welcome to the page for our analysis solutions. At NBF, we provide a thorough data analysis solution that covers a variety of forensic photos, ensures interoperability with different systems, and effectively delivers the best results.

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NBFTools TRIOS Forensics

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Available for All Major Operating Systems

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Analyse forensic data from desktop and server machines using the NBF Analysis Tool’s full power!

You may quickly and easily analyse a variety of desktop and server devices using the NBF analysis tool, taking into account all of their distinctive peculiarities. Profit from our state-of-the-art NBF imaging products, created to work with Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux.

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